Saturday, May 24, 2014

Tips for Tying: The "Mercury RS2"

Every fly box should have at least a few RS2's in it! This pattern is extremely productive, simple to tie, and all you need is a sharpie to change it's color!


- Size #18-24 straight eye nymph/dry fly hook.
- Glass bead head
- Grey hackle for tail fibers
- Super fine adams gray dubbing
- Antron Yarn or DNA fibers for wing
- 6/0 gray or white thread


1.) Place glass bead on hook and secure it in your vice. Tie in your thread and wrap down to the half way point of the shank.

2.) Pluck 6 or 8 gray hackle fibers for the tail and measure them to be about the length of the hook shank. Using a "pinch wrap", secure the tail fibers. Make sure to make a wrap or two below the tail to secure it in an upright position.

3.) Using "adams gray" superfine dubbing, make a tight dubbing noodle. As you wrap your dubbing, make sure you keep the noodle tight to form a nice tapered body. 

4.) Stop your taper at the 1/3 point of the hook to tie in your wing material.

5.) Cut out a bundle of Antron or DNA fibers about 1/4 inch wide. Using a "pinch wrap", tie in the fibers and wrap your thread back down the shank a few times to flatten out the wing.

6.) Trim the excess wing material (facing the eye above) as close to the hook as possible. Make another very tight but short dubbing noodle, and fill in the gap between the wing and eye while making sure to keep your taper.

7.) Trim your wing case to about the 1/2 point on the shank. Whip Finish or half-hitch and your all done!


Yellow Mercury RS2 Sparkle Tail

- This is one of the easiest, and most productive patterns that I tie.

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