Fin Facts

General Trout Facts

1.) An estimated 95% of trout die before reaching 1 year of age.

2.) Trout lack scales for the first month of life. When scales develop, they display growth rings which can be read just like a tree.

3.) Trout have a double row of small, sharp teeth called vomerine located in the roof of their mouths and often on the tongue. (More pronounced in Brown Trout)

4.) Trout prevent in-breeding by using visual and olfactory cues when choosing a mate.

5.) When competing, trout display body language by posturing, and can change colors rapidly. An aggressive trout will flair it's fins/gills and keep it's mouth gaping. A submissive trout will tuck it's fins and keep a closed jaw.

6.) The ability to look and focus out of both corners of both eyes at the same time allows trout to see in almost every direction at once.

7.) Trout can feel you coming! Trout have a Lateral Line which extends from the gill plate to the tail on both sides of the body. The lateral line is composed of large amounts of nerve bundles that can detect vibration, water pressure/movement, and even electrical pulses. The lateral line is a trout's sixth sense and arguably it's most important.

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